October 06, 2007

Happy 4th Birthday Lil Lachie !!!!

The baby of the family turned 4 today !!! He's just getting so grown up. The pics say it all really.

September 24, 2007

Its Showtime !!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is it about the show that turns me into a big kid ! I love, I mean really LOVE IT, lol !

This year we decided to get there late in the afternoon so we could stay and watch the fireworks. The boys were uber excited about being at the show 'in the dark' and loved all the rides lit up.

The new ferris wheel is pretty flash, it has individual enclosed cabin type things so it makes for a more secure ride but has nowhere near as much character as the old one

There are heaps more rides aimed at younger kids so Jake and Lachie tried a few out, although they were still begging to go on the 'big peoples rides', lol

The boys also tried their hand at some nightime shots, lol !!!

Dinner was the biggest baked tatie I have ever set my eyes on, it was also smothered in butter, sour cream, coleslaw and cheese, they're all low fat aren't they ?

September 22, 2007

I have been flat out like a lizard drinking this week so the poor old blog has been a bit neglected :(

Boys have been having great fun with some moving boxes we have had stored in the garage, who would have known a plain old cardboard box could be sooooo much fun.

Last night they were jack-in-the-boxes and this morning they were pirate ships, lol.......
I haven't been very inspired this week so meals were a non event.....

Finished another great book "Marley and Me".....Don't get anywhere near the last three chapters without a big supply of tissues.......*sniff*

September 16, 2007

Sunday was homemade sausage roll day today. There's not much that beats a freshly made sausage roll straight from the oven, oh, and don't forget the sauce ;)

Took the boys to a playcentre this afternoon. Turned up at 2.45pm only to find a note on the door advising it was closing at 4pm. Oh well, at least the boys couldn't argue about when it was time to leave, lol.

Dot-to-dot books are the big craze in this house at the moment, as well as Snakes and Ladders - Buzz Lightyear style !

Had to add some artwork of Jakes titled "under the sea"

Dinner tonight is Spag Bol, the sauce has been bubbling away for 2.5 hours. YUM !

September 15, 2007

Had a great day with Jase today :) Went out for lunch and squeezed some shopping in.

Boys had a terrific day with their nanny.

Was sorting through my photos and this pic reminded me of a beautiful lady I met via a forum. Thanks Lyn, it's over 12 months since you sent me these but they still put a smile on my face !

September 13, 2007

Finshed a great book yesterday. "Chewing Gum In Holy Water". Was a fabulous read and my love for all things italian grows. One day I will get there *sigh*. There is a review here: http://www.notebookmagazine.com/bookclub/article/645/Chewing-Gum-in-Holy-Water

Got a gorgeous candle snuff and plate in Big W of all places the other day. They see to be increasing their quality of homewares. They were $9.95 each and I am really chuffed with them.

Dinner tonight will be spag bol or lasagne and salad. It all depends on how motivated I can get myself........

September 10, 2007

Rain !!!! We have rain !!!!!!! Boys finally got the chance to try out their umbrellas this afternoon. We have had a fair bit of rain for the last hour or so. I love the smell of rain, yum ! Can't believe what a novelty it is for the boys to be able to splash around in puddles.

Dinner tonight is honey soy sticky chicken with mash taties and greens.

Honey Soy Sticky Chicken

Chicken pieces (on or off bone, whatever your prefer, I use breast pieces on the bone)

generous slurp of light soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce

1tbsp honey

crushed garlic clove

1/2 tsp five spice powder

1/2 tsp sesame oil

Place all of the above in shallow casserole dish, mix well, bake (180 fan forced) with lid on for 30 mins. Remove lid and bake serving side up for 45 mins (give or take depending on what size chicken pieces you are cooking)

15mins before removing chicken from the oven sprinke with sesame seeds.